Infinite Flight | London (LGW) – Calgary (YYC) | WestJet | Boeing 787-9

  • 2023.03.18
  • YYC
Infinite Flight | London (LGW) – Calgary (YYC) | WestJet | Boeing 787-9

Infinite Flight | London (LGW) – Calgary (YYC) | WestJet | Boeing 787-9

Infinite Flight 22.8 is now out!✈️

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Q: What device do you use?

A: Galaxy Tab A7 Tablet

Q: How do I make the timelapses?

A: Simply do the flight, then record in replay everything you want to record, if you want to make a timelapse out of some of the videos make sure it’s a slightly longer recording and then speed it up and edit it 🙂

Q: Which app do I use to edit?

A: Inshot 🙂

Q: How is my flying always really good?

A: It wasn’t always good, I’ve been flying in different simulators for years and have learnt overtime and have gotten better and practiced, if you want extra help I suggest some of the Infinite Flight tutorials you can find on their YouTube channel! 🙂


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